Wrestlers Calories In vs Out
Nutrient Breakdown
1. Carbohydrates 60% (low fat carbohydrates are best)
2. Proteins 15-20% (nuts are a great source of protein)
3. Fat 20-25% (about 30 grams)
Losing Weight
1. The average teenage wrestler burns 19 calories per lb. doing nothing.
2. A 2 hour practice will burn about 1200 calories.
3. A 100 lb. athlete would need 3100 (100 x 19 + 1200) calories a day to maintain 
weight. If trying to lose weight they should drop under this total. I would 
recommend dropping down to about 2700 in this case.
1 pound of fat has 3500 calories (389g)
Healthy Weight Loss
o 1.5% of body weight per week
o Take in 500 less calories per day
o Exercise
Healthy Weight Gain
o 1-1.5 pounds per week
o Take in 500 more calories per day
o Strength Training Program
1. Keep a log of what you eat. Keep track off how many calories you eat each day and 
how many grams of fat as well. You should also keep track of how you feel throughout 
the day. We can then tell what food makes you feel good and what food does not. 
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