Chain of Command



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battalion commander 

C/LTC Matthew Hammond
Battalion Commander




battalion executive officer
C/MAJ Brandon Coates
Executive Officer


battalion sergeant major
   C/CSM ​Trey Jansen

Command Sergeant Major





C/2nd LT Catherine Golden
S-1 Adjutant


C/ 1st LT Steven Zinn

S-2 Info/Sec


Cullen Brown

  S-3 Operations

C/ 2nd LT Neal Pancholi
 S-4 Logistics


 C/CPT Jake Bullock
          S-5 Projects






Duties and Responsibilities of the Battalion Command and Staff

Battalion Commander (BC) - The cadet battalion commander is selected/appointed by the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) and Army Instructor (AI) to lead the Battalion.  This cadet is responsible for sharing in the direction of the battalion during his term.  He/she is responsible for all that the battalion does or fails to do.  He is the primary supervisor for the executive officer, the command sergeant major, and subordinate commanders.  In the Pirate Battalion, he is both the visionary and the senior cadet ambassador for the unit. 

Deputy Commander (DCO) - The cadet Deputy Commanding Officer serves in the capacity as an adviser to the unit and Battalion Commander. Also serves as the Chief of Staff in place of the Executive Officer. The position is auxiliary and only used in certain situations. 

Battalion Executive Officer (XO) - The cadet battalion executive officer (XO) supervises, directs, and coordinates the battalion staff.  He or she ensures that both the guidance of the commander and the needs of the subordinate units are met.  He coordinates and de-conflicts the staff's efforts to ensure that the commander’s intent is understood and achieved. The cadet battalion XO keeps the staff informed of the commander’s policies and keeps the cadet battalion commander informed of the status of projects (and responsibilities) assigned to the staff. The cadet battalion XO assumes command of the battalion in the absence of the cadet battalion commander.

Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM) - The battalion command sergeant major is the senior enlisted advisor to the battalion commander and throughout the battalion. He is the commander's "eyes and ears", right hand, and is always monitoring the pulse of the battalion. He is the keeper of the Battalion Colors and the director of the battalion's color guard. As the senior enlisted member of the cadet corps, the command sergeant major advises, assists, and mentors the other non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and enlisted cadets of the battalion.

S1 - Adjutant - The battalion adjutant is the administrative assistant to the battalion commander. Supervised and guided by the XO, the adjutant is also responsible for administrative, personnel, and related support required by the battalion headquarters/staff/and subordinate companies.  Such duties include but are not limited to; personnel records and actions, awards, promotions, ceremonies, personnel accountability, and etc.  

S2 - Security and Sensitive Items Officer - The battalion S-2 is responsible for the security, accountability, maintenance and serviceability, storage and record keeping for all sensitive items (weapons, communications, automation, and other critical equipment identified by the commander and/or XO).   
S3 - Training & Operations Officer - The battalion S-3 is responsible for training, operations, official planning, and records of this activity.  He is the primary tasker and task manager.  He is the keeper and coordinator for training and operations (schedules, coordination, articulating and directing operations to ensure that the commander's guidance is carried out. Additionally, the S-3 keeps the commander advised on the progress of training, operations, and plans.  In the absence of the XO, the S3 assists with the directing and coordination of the staff. 

S4 - Logistics Officer - The S-4 is the battalion logistics, supply, maintenance, and resource officer. He is responsible for the maintenance, security, logistics record keeping, equipment issue/turn-in and accountability of all U.S. government property in the battalion. The S-4 constantly coordinates the securing of property with the S-2, accountability with all other staff officers, and all logistics activities with the AI/SAI.

S5 -  
Media/Special Projects Officer and Historian - The battalion Media & Special Projects officer plans and coordinates special projects as outlined by the cadet battalion commander, cadet battalion XO, and/or the SAI/AI. He/she maintains records on all activities and coordination as they pertain to each project. Additionally, he/she keeps the cadet battalion commander, cadet battalion XO, and the instructor staff informed as to the progress of, or any problems encountered with, the projects.  He is the manager/keeper of the battalion's website, the media officer, and the officer in charge of recruiting operations.  He is the battalion's photographer, historian, and a chief ambassador.

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