National Honor Society Requirements

National Honor Society Requirements:

Prospective Members:

A 3.8 GPA is required
Have service hours and leadership experience 
Exhibit Leadership, Good Character, Scholarship, and Community Service

*Prospective members will receive an invitation during the second semester.  You will be notified based on your GPA.  An application process will follow the invitation.  The application will account for your service hours and leadership hours/experiences.  The application will include an essay at the end, and past and present teachers will be referenced for character.  

Current Member Requirements Include: 

30 Service Hours by April of 2016.  The due date will be towards the beginning of April

o paying the annual membership dues of $20;

o maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.800 (weighted);

o maintaining a clean discipline record;

o refraining from academic dishonesty (cheating) of any kind;

o participating in all chapter fundraisers;

o attending all chapter functions (such as induction ceremonies and meetings);

o Setting an example for other students in behavior and academic excellence.