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The end of the year is one of those crazy, hectic times with way too much to do! Here is today's (and the next 4 workdays) to do list:

1. Make sure the state DMLI report is finalized and signed off.

2. Submit the Collection Development Plan. (Luckily our MTAC has already approved one and I'm just checking for typos!)

3. Work on the copyright presentation animated video for August's voice-over time! Ya-ba-da-do!  That should give a hint as to some of the characters for next year's exciting video!

4. Encourage teachers to choose some of the weeded fiction books. I think a few Louis L'Amour books are still left although they did go very quickly at the staff luncheon!

5. Clean the office.

6. Dispose of the magazine collection left from 4 years ago when we still had magazine subscriptions.

7. Print the summer overdue/fine list for the front office for the parking pass sale.

8. Print directions for accessing Destiny for transfer students for overdue/fines for the parking pass sale.

9. Prepare the fall book order to have it ready to go once funding comes.

10. Finalize the Ed Foundation grant for the September deadline so it is ready for August mailing.

11. Repair the To Kill A Mockingbird books and fix the numbering issues in the computer.

WHEW! I think I'll be busy, but that's why they call them "workdays!"

(Fortunately, not all of these items take hours, and several of them are in various stages of completion already.)

March brings "March Madness," crazy weather, tornado drills, and prom.

April showers bring...flooded roads, delays, gray days...and April means spring break, still a lot of school days, AP reviews, and the Spring Reading Marathon.

May means AP tests, Junior Papers, Senior Papers, projects, inventory, new website platforms, and Anakin starting to behave!

As the Library TAs learn the joys of shelf order and inventory (although they have now admitted it's not as bad as they thought, just a lot of books), the TSA is in the midst of the printing of their fidget spinners. With AP testing going on, it became necessary to move Anakin just as he had completed several rounds of perfect prints! (We couldn't print in the library as the students tested that afternoon.) Thanks to an ingenious idea, he connected wirelessly to a Mac and rolled his way into the library office where he seemed to enjoy his trip because he kept right on seemlessly! Whew!

A lesson was learned before this, however. NEVER LEAVE ANAKIN UNATTENDED. His "babysitter" decided to leave and that's when this happened:

Once the mess was cleaned up, and he cooled off, the next TSA student tried again. Rather than learn from the mistake of the other student, he also took a break and left. Anakin revolted again:

The moral of the story: ANAKIN LIKES COMPANY! (And lots of attention, it would seem.)

Meanwhile in the world of inventory, an attentive TA discovered, that the original book order when the library opened called for us to have the book Where the Wild Things Were: Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators by William Stolzenberg. This is the book the company gave us:

As you can see by the barcode, it is for the high school nonfiction book...which we don't have. Sigh. Somehow, I don't think Maurice Sendak's monsters will be acceptable as a source for any research papers...Has the statue of limitations run out on returning the book? We'll soon find out!

Well, we're one week into this adventure, and we've learned quite a bit (although we don't have tech support on speed dial. Yet.)

The printer has been named Anakin. After Anakin Skywalker. (Warning, this is a spoiler alert if you are one of the approximately, um, three people I know reading this blog who have never seen Star Wars...) As everyone else knows, Ani is cute, at first, and very smart. However, he becomes a rather petulant, spoiled brat at times...and that is as an adult....

Sounds a lot like our printer.

It does well on prints it likes, like the Captain's wheel which it has printed numerous times already. Or the cloud spinner for the fundraiser. The elliptical gears are another story.

However, when printing multiple piece prints, or those with small pieces, it throws little clotting temper tantrums at 67%, 84%, even 90%...and no filament comes out. This, naturally, ruins the entire print. Once, when unloading the filament to remove the clog, Anakin had the audacity to have the filament break off in an awkward place. I'm sure he thought it was funny as we had to relay messages across the media center from the circulation desk to the computer nook as we talked to tech support. But the force was with us...we have solutions if he tries that trick again.

Now that we are finally understanding 3D vocabulary like brims, rafts, infill and so forth, we are getting ready to move into the next realm of Anakin's talents: 3D scanning.

May the force be with us.

The infamous clots

Some of the "almost dones"

They look done, until you look at the thickness
(lack thereof)

An attempt at a gyroscope...two layers thick before Ani quit.

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